Thursday, 28 June 2012

Comfy Undies!

'Foundation' garments are extremely important.  At the very least, most of us will wear a bra & knickers every day.  Choose wrongly, and you will spend the day suffering from any combination of:

  • wedgie plucking - because the pants are badly cut and just will not stay in place!
  • VPL - caused by knickers that have been over-enthusiastically elasticated.
  • strap marks - a poorly constructed bra can dig into your shoulders leaving you with painful impressions
  • 'hooking' - where the hooks on the strap aren't properly padded and end up digging into the skin of your back.
  • impalement on underwires that aren't properly sewn into the bra, or just come up too high under your armpits.
  • scratching of your, ahem, delicate areas because the material the undies are constructed from just isn't soft enough.


I'm not talking about wearing the wrong size here.  I'm just talking about underwear that is always going to be uncomfortable, no matter what size you wear, because they are simply badly designed and made.

Sadly in my experience, cheap underwear just doesn't cut it.  I have never, and I do mean never, bought a set from La Senza or equivalent high street store that I haven't chucked in the bin out of frustration after two wears.

I tend to shop at House of Fraser for underwear, as well as a few small local boutiques.  (I also shop online at What Katie Did for shapewear & Secrets in Lace for undies & shapewear, but this post is just about your standard bra & pants).

I know which bra brands work for me, and I'm quite loyal to them.  My favourite brand is Lejaby.  The shaping of their bras just really suits my body, they make both romantic & practical ranges, and so I often make a beeline straight for them when underwear shopping.  Recently I allowed myself a little browse however, and I discovered the what I have dubbed worlds most comfortable bra.

I have never bought a Triumph bra before, but when I tried on this style I was hooked.  It is like wearing butter!!  Behold, the Amourette 300:

Triumph Amourette 300 Padded Underwired bra

Amourette 300 Maxi knickers

There are several bra's available in the Amourette range, including non-wired, wired, and 3 different types of padded.  Unless doing sport, I always wear an underwired bra.  I don't always like padded bras, but the Amourette padding in the style shown above is very light, and the lace has a great amount of stretch.  The straps are super comforable, as they are a decent width.  The knickers are available in string, tai, maxi & hipster.  I like the Maxi knickers shown above - they provide decent coverage, give no VPL, and there's no possibility of your bum munching them.

(As an aside, I am anti string panties.  Every pair in existence turns eventually to cheese-wire, your butt cheeks get cold, and who wants to see imperfect bum skin when they take off their clothes? Unless you are a burlesque superstar being lit by a professional, there's just no excuse for wearing them).

Obviously, the Amourette set is not suitable for every occasion.  It's lacy for starters, so wear anything tight and the lace is going to show.  But under most everyday clothing, it's a winner.  I'll definitely be expanding my underwear brand horizon in future.


  1. They look really nice and pretty.

    Sadly I've always had to wear the type of bra that resembles the scaffolding around Battersea Power Station!

    Triumph are excellent, and luckily they still make the Doreen which has been about for as long as I can remember. In my experience this is the best opton for us unfortunates that have been endowed far more booby than is practical.

    Recently bought some M&S ones and they were ok for a few weeks, until the stays at the side broke out of the material and started to dig away towards my internal organs.

    G-String knickers *shudder* can't think of anything more revolting and uncomfortable.

    D xxx

    1. Hi Dawn - I've read your bra blog. Absolutely hilarious! Sometimes I really do wonder about the people who design bras and whether they have every actually worn one....

    2. Glad you liked it and thanks for the inspiration to write it.

      D xxx

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